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There is a health and wellness movement in this country that has people becoming more aware of their eating and lifestyle habits, and how it’s affecting their health. After years of research, there is an abundance of proof to support the practice of preventive measures, and its direct results in overcoming the factors that lead to diet and lifestyle related diseases. So was born the Health Coach.
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"Because it's You Body, Your
Mind, Your Life."

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"Now is the Time to Center Yourself."

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"And Take Shape For Your Life!"

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Welcome To Live The Lifestyle!

Health & Wellness Coaching With Amy Lacey

Everyone has a journey. I want to help you thrive in the process of achieving your heart’s desires. You have a goal. Whether that’s losing weight or ditching stress, I’m going to help you get there. You have a purpose. You know what you want to get out of life, but perhaps you need someone to help define that moment for you and then live it. You have something to share. Like me, you want to help others because you know the struggle. I’m here to help you cultivate that desire and pay it forward. I have a plan. But we have to do this together. It’s time to thrive

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Our Clients Experience Amazing Results!

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