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Welcome to Live The Lifestyle

Our clinically proven program combines everything you need to lose the extra weight, keep it off, and live a healthy life. At Live The Lifestyle, we do things a bit different than other companies. Because we are a team of dedicated health coaches and health professionals we can help guide and motivate you through your journey making your weight loss a success. If you're ready to finally live healthy and change your life for the better contact Live the Lifestyle today to see if we are a good fit for you.

Weight Loss

We have helped hundreds of people lose weight through our clinically proven program. Our goal isn't just about being thin, it's a holistic approach to being healthy.

Meal Replacement

Live The Lifestyle is here to guide you with the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan® to lose weight quickly and safely, while helping you learn the healthy habits to keep the weight off.

Before and After

Check out our clients amazing results. Their hard work and dedication shows! If you are interested in learning more, contact me today!



Our program focuses on eating right and staying healthy, which is why we post great recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to eat.


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Ready to get started or just want to talk more about Live The Lifestyle? Contact Amy Lacey today for a free consultation.

What we Do

We help you lose and keep off weight safely and quickly. One of the best parts about our program is the Free Coaching Services you will receive to help motivate and guide you through your weight loss journey.

You'll choose five each day and eat one every 2-3 hours. Because you eat frequently, you're never hungry, avoiding the tempting unhealthy snacks, and your metabolism stays in full gear. Many meals are portable, so you can fit this diet into lifestyle.

Medifast Meals are clinically tested and doctor approved. The goal behind each meal is to be low glycemic, low in calories, optimal daily portions of macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) and packed full of vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy. Each Medifast Meal has similar nutritional value, so you can be thoroughly nourished no matter what meal you eat!


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