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There is a health and wellness movement in this country that has people becoming more aware of their eating and lifestyle habits, and how it's affecting their health. After years of research, there is an abundance of proof to support the practice of preventive measures, and its direct results in overcoming the factors that lead to diet and lifestyle related diseases. So was born the Health Coach.

How many times have you either heard (or said), “Diets just don’t work?” All too often, people who want to lose weight believe that their lack of success is the result of the wrong diet, their work schedule, their genes or a myriad of other reasons. We believe, however, that successful weight loss happens as a result of having the right mindset, and understanding how your own excuses sabotage you. It’s not about the circumstances; it’s about your ability to say what you are going to do, mean it and follow through on it. It’s really that simple, but most people are terrible at this. Building that muscle of following through on what you said you would do is the part that takes work, and having a health coach is a huge benefit when you are looking to change personal habits for once and for all.

If you are truly ready to get to work… If you are interested in hunting down and eliminating the habits and beliefs that don’t serve you… If you are ready to go after and achieve your dream body… Then the time is NOW. Set up your free consultation today!

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Meet our Team

Amy Lacey

Health Coach

Amy Kristine Lacey, Certified Health Coach from Villanova School of Nursing Center For Obesity Prevention & Education, and her husband James Lacey, MD are experienced health professionals and both have struggled with and overcame weight problems. Learn how to manage your health effectively with individualized help from someone who knows what you are going through.

Keri Lynn Ferguson

Health Coach

Keri Lynn is a Certified Health Coach through The MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education & Villanova University College of Nursing. She focuses on creating health in life through good nutrition, proper sleep, ample exercise, and successful stress-reduction techniques. Keri Lynn has several years of personal and professional experience with health and nutrition. She started off many years ago creating well-balanced meal plans for a group home, and was the founder and Race Director of the Chico Kidney Duathlon. She enjoys the diversity that exists amongst her clients, and appreciates that some want to lose a lot of weight and some just want to trim up a bit.

Tracy Liston

Health Coach

Tracy Liston moved to Northern California from Arizona where she graduated from the University of Arizona and holds a masters’ degree in Management Information Systems. After over 10 years developing software and managing distributed teams in the IT industry, she understands how high stress and long hours in the office can impact our health.

Rachel O'Rourke

Health Coach

Rachel O'Rourke has been a Northern California girl since birth, and has planted her roots in Chico to raise her family. She and her husband, Quinn, are recently married and are the perfect picture of a blended family. As a fitness enthusiast, Rachel has a passion for working hard in the gym, but it was in early 2014 when she competed in the Chico Bodybuilding Competition, that she really became fascinated with nutrition. Fueled with the desire to help people get healthy, she sought out the education and became certified as a health coach. Leaving her career in sales and marketing, she has dedicated her future to guiding people down the path to optimum health.

Lisa McAmis

Health Coach

Lisa McAmis was born and raised in Jupiter, Fl. She attended FSU where she graduated with marketing and communications. Upon graduation, she became a flight attendant with Continental Airlines and was based in Cleveland Ohio. Later, she changed companies and flew internationally for American Airlines being based in both NYC and Miami. In 2001, she took over her father's companies. In 2006, she married John McAmis, and soon had two Beautiful daughters Heidi 7, and Macy 6.

Dana Grant

Health Coach

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What our clients saying

"I have lost 119 lbs and still going. I'm even doing crossfit now!"

Diane Needles of Chico

"If you have a busy schedule, the Take Shape for Life program is a perfect program for you!"

Tori of Chico

"I used to suffer from severe constant migraines. I haven't had one since I started dropping weight. It's been almost a year! My life is changed."

Dana G of Chico

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